Unresolved grief and abortion.

“When a person experiences a secret sorrow that cannot be shared or comforted this is called ‘disenfranchised grief. The term ‘disenfranchised’ means to be denied the freedom or license to do something. In this case, it means being denied permission to openly display one’s grief. This makes it far more difficult to complete the grief process, and may not only prolong one’s grief but make it worse. Such ‘impacted grief can even become integrated into one’s personality and touch every aspect of one’s life.”

Dr Theresa Burke*.

How can this unresolved grief due to an experience of abortion manifest itself?

Common symptoms can include:

Prolonged, Unresolved Grief

Self Blame




Feeling Spiritually Alienated

Emotional Numbness

Bouts of Crying


Eating Disorder

Sleep Disorder



Loss of Self Esteem

Avoiding people or places that remind you of the abortion.

Fear/Ambivalence of pregnancy

Pattern of repeat crisis pregnancy

Multiple Abortions

Drug/Alcohol abuse

If this sounds failure to you or you feel that there is something within you that needs attention please contact Rachel’s Vineyard Tasmania today.

Burke, Theresa Dr. 2002. Forbidden Grief; The Unspoken Pain of Abortion.


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